Our philosophy


New Ventures


Kasvutehdas provides services for growth strategies, new ventures and commercialisation in order companies to succeed in their business and have a positive impact on ecosystems.

We focus on efficiency and improvement in business and innovation. The delivery is dedicated to the planning, analysis, implementation and results phases. It is followed up with change, transformation and acceleration management in order to generate growth in sales and capitalisation.

In addition, we help in fund raising, co-investment and discovering new opportunities for demonstrating our commitment.

Our business tangibles: new ventures, business creation and ecosystems.


Our roots are in innovation - introduction of new businesses, products and services - based on strong business and technology experience.

Our concepts for implementation:


Co-evolve with other companies in mutually beneficial relationships

Fast Innovation

Benefit from shorten time from idea to cash

Customer Engagement

Co-create growth with customers

Growth Acceleration

Grow faster than industry average

Our Portfolio of Companies

We have co-invested to these companies and are actively working with them: